Monday, August 30, 2010

Jury Duty

Well, at 8 am, I reported for Jury Duty. Finally got the call at 2:00. 50 of us went to the 8th floor to be told this was a criminal case, murder. I was not among the first 30 selected for questioning and felt pretty good about that. But then one juror was dismissed and guess who's name they called? You got it, MINE! Then I had to go through all the questioning by myself. But, when they dismissed 18 of us, I was one of them. I was sure glad. The last time, 12 years ago, that I was called to Jury Duty, it was also a murder case. Very interesting, but also very stressful. Glad I don't have to decide on this one. We went back to the jury room and they dismissed all but 35 of us. Yep, I'm going back tomorrow...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

This was the beginning of my quilting journey. One winter in the late 1940's both of my great-grandmothers came from Missouri to Oklahoma to spend the winter with my paternal grandparents. The two of them pieced Dresden Plates,by hand, from fabric scraps. Many years later, my mother hand-stitched each plate to a muslin square. She made a few extra plates because they had pieced only enough for three twin sized quilts. My sister and I each completed a twin sized quilt and my sister also completed a king sized quilt for my parents. I completed mine in 1999. It is hand quilted.